To further support our customers, we do everything we can to help make
their jobs easier. In this instance, we were asked to make modifications and
improvements to their Engine Roll Bench, which is a test stand used for
Durability Testing. This is a test stand that we designed and built many parts
for throughout the years. After extended use and changes within the tests,
there was room for a few improvements that could aid in increasing
productivity. The goal was to shorten setup time which in turn will get their
test running sooner.

The challenges were the ease of use and functionality within the -30°C to
120°C temperature range which these details will endure regularly for an
extended period. This took critical material choices and a well thought out
design to ensure proper functionality.

In the end, we were able to achieve our goals of quick release attachments
made from 304ss, which reduced setup time, and also made a more
accessible setup environment.

Along with this improvement, we have made many others throughout the
years that increase the accuracy, and ease of the setups, which in turn makes
for a better work environment and more accurate tests.