Flow Test Fixtures are used to hold the test sample steady in a
particular position, to align and mate up the measurement
tube with the Flow Measurement Machine. These are also used
for other various tests that require the sample to be held

In this particular project, the goal is to make a fixture for a Twin
Turbo Air Induction assembly. The challenges were to achieve
multiple setups within one fixture, along with ease of
disassembly to within a small package, since these are often
disassembled and shipped to other facilities. Also, we were to
make them as light as possible while maintaining rigidity.

We were able to achieve our goals by creating a base fixture
with various lower base standoffs to hold the fixture in the
proper orientation for each test cycle. This fixture was designed
with multiple sub-assemblies, that are easily disassembled into
sections for ease of packaging if necessary. Extra pockets and
holes were designed to reduce the material mass.