IHX Vibration Test Fixture

Lakeshore can provide solutions for projects with specific and challenging requirements. One project we accepted from a worldwide automotive company required us to manufacture a fixture for IHX bundles. The fixture needed to create no resonance up to 650hz, and mounting features were to be within 0.02 positional tolerance. In addition, the fixture had high mounting points, making it difficult to achieve the natural frequency requirements.

To ensure the design was to meet the specifications, we had to accomplish the following tasks:

  • Run a Finite Element Analysis on the design before the build prosecco began to ensure there was no resonance below 650hz.
  • Certify the critical dimensions and mounting surfaces via CMM to ensure they were within the 0.02 positional tolerance.
  • Build some of the more troublesome components out of Magnesium vs 6061 to satisfy the natural frequency requirements.

We put in many hours of research and development to achieve their requirements. We ensured that they will be getting a quality product that will work the first time. This project also set standards for other projects that will still be used to this day.