Intake Manifold Burst Test Fixture

A good example of a test fixture Lakeshore can manufacture is the Intake Manifold Burst Test Fixture we designed for a global leader and expert in the field of filtration, as well as innovative solutions for the health and mobility of people. The purpose of the Burst fixture is to test the welded seams of an intake manifold that has been made via the plastic mold injection process.

The design of the test fixture was to meet all of the following requirements:

  • The test sample was to be held in an orientation where all air could be expelled through a high point.
  • We were to design and build fixturing to hold and plug all openings in the assembly.
  • Throughout the entire testing process the fixture needed to be as light as possible but ridged enough to withstand the entire cycle of testing.

We were able to recreate mounting as in the vehicle while maintaining ease of setup through combining fixture components for minimal setup between cycles. With the end-user ease of operation in mind, a thorough and thoughtful design was created.