Multi-station OHC Vibration Test Fixture

At Lakeshore, we were tasked with designing and developing a multi-station, multi-axis, and reusable vibration fixture for an overhead console control unit (Multi-station OHC Vibration Test Fixture). That task was given to us by a global company that develops and manufactures products for the automotive industry.

Our customer wanted the ability to test 6 samples simultaneously, in 3 axes, and all on a single vertical shaker. This would all need to be done while minimizing the setup time between each test cycle. While closely collaborating with our customer, we skillfully designed and developed a universal multi-station test fixture to meet their testing requirement needs.

Because of our thorough design process, they are able to reuse the test fixture base for future projects, thus saving the customer a substantial amount of money on future vibration fixture builds. Along with the costs savings, there is the added time savings between setups for different axes.