Spindle Actuator Durability Test Fixture

Lakeshore designed and built 13 fixtures to test the durability of the vehicle rear hatch spindle for a multinational tier one automotive supplier. Those parts being tested are mounted in the vehicle position, while also simulating the hatch pivot, weight, also with pivoting ability to mimic the vehicle being on a specific grade.

All of the components of the fixture are rated to withstand environmental conditions while testing:

  • Temperature: -40°C to +100°C
  • Maximum Humidity: 95%, between +5°C and +90°C.

With the first of these projects, we were able to hone in our procedure to create an even better product for future orders, with a shorter lead time.

Because the design, production, and certification were done under that same roof, the cost savings were extremely beneficial to our customer.

While maintaining an extremely short delivery timeline to develop and produce our fixtures were highly regarded by the customer. Each test fixture was also certified for dimensions and critical positions via CMM, as required from the customer.