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Assembly fixtures orient and locate individual parts on their critical features while attaching, to ensure the part assemblies fit and function in the end use. In this project, there were 2 fixtures (or Stations) to complete the assembly properly (Station …

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Flow Test Fixtures are used to hold the test sample steady in a particular position, to align and mate up the measurement tube with the Flow Measurement Machine. These are also used for other various tests that require the sample …

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To further support our customers, we do everything we can to help make their jobs easier. In this instance, we were asked to make modifications and improvements to their Engine Roll Bench, which is a test stand used for Durability …

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Finished Spindle Durability Fixture

Spindle Actuator Durability Test Fixture

Lakeshore designed and built 13 fixtures to test the durability of the vehicle rear hatch spindle for a multinational tier one automotive supplier. Those parts being tested are mounted in the vehicle position, while also simulating the hatch pivot, weight, …

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Finished Ti-C Lined Shot-Sleeve

Ti-C Lined Shot Sleeves

Our customer, a worldwide die cast machine manufacturer, and provides die cast machine production and repairs, asked that Lakeshore produce a shot sleeve with a Ti-C liner (Ti-C Lined Shot Sleeves) that insulates the molten aluminum during the shot portion …

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Twin Turbo CSD Key Life Stroke Fixture

One of our customers, who is a worldwide leader/expert in the field of filtration, asked Lakeshore to design and develop a test fixture to mimic the engine roll of a twin turbo clean side duct for their organization. That fixture, …

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OHC Vibration CAD

Multi-station OHC Vibration Test Fixture

At Lakeshore, we were tasked with designing and developing a multi-station, multi-axis, and reusable vibration fixture for an overhead console control unit (Multi-station OHC Vibration Test Fixture). That task was given to us by a global company that develops and …

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ISP Vibration CAD

Engine Splash Shield Vibration Test Fixture

Our goal was to design and build a vibratory fixture to hold the test sample in the vehicle position. The Engine Splash Shield Vibration Test Fixture had to be rigid enough, while maintaining a weight limit of 100lbs for ease …

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Intake Manifold Burst CAD

Intake Manifold Burst Test Fixture

A good example of a test fixture Lakeshore can manufacture is the Intake Manifold Burst Test Fixture we designed for a global leader and expert in the field of filtration, as well as innovative solutions for the health and mobility …

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IHX Vibration CAD

IHX Vibration Test Fixture

Lakeshore can provide solutions for projects with specific and challenging requirements. One project we accepted from a worldwide automotive company required us to manufacture a fixture for IHX bundles. The fixture needed to create no resonance up to 650hz, and …

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